Canada – British Columbia

Residency By Investment

Welcome to British Columbia

Situated on the west coast of Canada, British Columbia boasts some of the most the country has to offer, from beautiful warm summers to cool winters.

With shared border with the United States, British Columbia offers access to more markets and business opportunities than almost any other place on earth.

Facts about Canada





Total Area

9,984,670 km2


Canadian Dollar

Why Choose Canada

Canada is an ideal destination for those looking to settle with their families. With access to massive markets, multi-cultural environments, and high standard of living.

World Class Healthcare

Internationally renowned free healthcare system, one of the best in the world

Education System

Canadian degrees are highly sought after and boast a prestigious pedigree

Investment Opportunities

A booming stable economy with potential US expansion

Beautiful Destination

Varying landscapes make Canada the perfect vacation destination

Safety and Security

Canada is regarded as one of the safest places on earth for families and individuals


Freedom to practice your culture and religion in peace and without interference

Qualification Requirements

You must meet all of the Entrepreneur Immigration – Base Category requirements to be nominated by the BC PNP. Note that meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee that you will be invited to apply or that your application will be approved.

General Nomination Requirements

  • Must demonstrate intention to actively manage the business
  • Must demonstrate intention to reside within 100 kilometres of business (unless otherwise specified in your performance agreement)
  • English language proficiency

Personal Requirements

Please note that your application will not be approved if you are in Canada and do not have valid immigration status, or if you are working without authorization. The BC PNP will not nominate someone who:

  • is prohibited from entering Canada
  • has not been lawfully admitted in the country of current residence
  • is in Canada and is out of status
  • is working in Canada without authorization
  • has an unresolved refugee claim in Canada, or
  • is under a removal order in or outside of Canada

Personal Net Worth

You must have a minimum of $600,000 in personal net worth, which includes your spouse or common-law partner, and your dependent children, if applicable. Your personal net worth must be legally obtained and verifiable.

You must disclose all of your personal net worth, including all of your assets and those of your spouse or common-law partner, and your dependent children, and any liabilities including mortgages and personal debts:

  • cash
  • assets in bank accounts (e.g., personal chequing and savings accounts)
  • fixed (term) deposits (redeemable/cashable within one year)
  • real property (e.g., real estate, personal and commercial property ownership)
  • investments in bonds, stocks and mutual funds
  • investments in one or more businesses (current value of your percentage ownership in business(es), excluding stocks held in investment portfolios that have been included under liquid investments above)
  • pensions and other assets (i.e. jewelry, collectables, etc.)
  • liabilities such as real property mortgage(s) or other debts (e.g., personal loans, credit card debt)

Investment Options

Eligible Personal Investment

You must make an eligible personal investment of at least $200,000 in the proposed business within 610 days (approximately 20 months) of arriving in B.C. on a BC PNP-supported work permit. The minimum eligible personal investment of $200,000 must be derived from your personal net worth.

The proposed investment must be directed to one business location.

Eligible personal investment is the minimum required investment of eligible business expenditures, which may include:

  • new equipment purchases
  • leasehold improvements
  • new marketing costs
  • regular operating expenses such as rent, wages, utilities, etc.
  • start-up inventory or new inventory related to an improvement/expansion plan
  • purchase of existing business

Current Investment Opportunities

At RRA Consultation we help you make you the most out of your investment with our partnerships with local businesses with successful and proven track records and revenue growth models.

Ironclad – Investment

Ironclad is BC transport company delivering over 2 billion litres of fuel to over 350 fuelling stations per year.

Some of Ironclad customers include Suncor / Petro-Canada, Shell Canada, Chevron Canada, Husky Energy, Imperial Oil / Esso, Parkland Fuel Corporation, McDougall Energy, Loblaws, Costco, Couche-Tarde, CN Rail, CP Rail, Fortis BC, Greenergy, Eco-Energy, Keyera Energy, Elbow River, World Fuel Services and many others.

Visit Website

Shiraz Grill – Franchise

Shiraz Grill is a romantic, family-owned bar/eatery showcasing homemade Persian & Italian plates in an urban backdrop.

Shiraz Grill is currently offering franchising opportunities for those looking to invest in the fine foods industry.

Visit Website

Our Process

The table below breaks down the application process into thirteen basic steps. Some require the applicant’s involvement while others are taken care of by your RRA consultant or the competent Canadian financial institution (once power of attorney has been granted by the applicant). Each step must be completed before continuing to the next. 

Phase 1


Step 1

Preparation and business research.

Step 2

Purchasing an existing business (if applicable).

Phase 2


Step 3

Registration overview.

Step 4

Registration submission.

Phase 3


Step 6

Net worth review. You must submit a verification report of your personal net worth from a BC PNP-authorized accounting.

Step 7

Submitting your Application. You will have up to 120 days (approximately four months) from the date you are invited to apply to submit a complete application including a verification report of your net worth, all supporting documents and a comprehensive business plan.

Step 8

Interview. You will be required to attend an in-person interview at the BC PNP office in Vancouver. In the interview, you will be expected to describe your business/work experience and answer in-depth questions about your application.

Phase 4

Work Permit

Step 9

Arrival. After you sign your performance agreement, you must arrive in B.C. with your valid work permit within 365 days (12 months) from the date of your letter of confirmation.

Step 10

Once you arrive in B.C. with your valid work permit, you will have up to 610 days (approximately 20 months) to implement your business plan, actively manage your business, and satisfy the terms and conditions of your signed performance agreement.

Phase 5


Step 11

You must submit a final report to the BC PNP between 550 to 610 days (approximately 18 to 20 months) after the issuance date of your valid work permit.

Step 12

Once your signed Conditions of Nomination declaration has been received by the BC PNP, you will be issued a confirmation of nomination as a provincial nominee. The nomination will allow you and your eligible dependent family members to apply for permanent residence to IRCC under the Provincial Nominee Class.

Phase 6

Permanent Residency

Step 13

After you have been approved as a provincial nominee, you may then apply for permanent residence to IRCC under the Provincial Nominee Class.

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