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Residency By Investment

Welcome to The UK

Looking for a diverse, prosperous and perfectly located place to call home? Look no further than the UK, an economic and cultural hub boasting one of the best and most sought-after standards of living in the world. 

Facts about The UK





Total Area

242,495 km2


Pound Sterling

Why Choose The UK

Residency or citizenship status in the UK provides investors with a world of exclusive benefits: 


A diverse and multicultural society represented by large cultural and ethnic communities

Superior Education

Broad network of state and private schools, universities and higher education institutions

Attractive Tax System

An attractive tax regime for high net worth investors classed as “UK resident, non-domicile”

Free Healthcare

One of the best free health care services in the world

Powerful Passport

The travel mobility and security of a UK passport

Financial Powerhouse

An unrivalled financial business center (London)


Offered through our joint venture with a UK-authorized financial institution, the UK Immigrant Investor Program is a three-tiered system enabling individuals who invest at a higher level to be granted residency sooner. 

To qualify for the program, applicants must fulfill one of the investment options as well as meet the following requirements: 

  • Be able to maintain and accommodate yourself and any dependents without taking employment (outside of self-employment or business)
  • Make the UK your main home. Investors will need to spend at least 50% of their time there (6 out of 12 months) to maintain their visa status. 

Investment Process

Applicants must invest in UK government bonds, share capital or loan capital in active and trading UK-registered companies. 

As shown in the table below, the higher the investment, the faster the applicant will obtain their stay for settlement. 

Investment tiers

Full Investment£2 million
Stay for settlement (ILR)5 years
Full Investment£5 million
Stay for settlement (ILR)3 years
Full Investment£10 million
Stay for settlement (ILR)2 years

Citizenship Requirements

Individuals who have lived in the UK for five or more years are eligible to apply for UK citizenship as long as they meet the following residency requirements:

  • Be absent from the country for no more than 90 days (3 months) in the 12 months preceding the application. The total number of days spent outside the UK for the entire 5-year qualifying period should not exceed 450 days (i.e. 3 months of every year, or 75% of your time)
  • Be of good moral character and not in breach of any immigration laws
  • Demonstrate a good knowledge of UK life and culture, and a basic level of English, Welsh or Scottish Gaelic languages

Our Process

The following table breaks down the program application process into eight basic steps. Each step must be completed before continuing to the next.

Month 1-2


Step 1

File preparation and submission. Application fees are due at this stage. 

Step 2

Pre-approval letter to the applicant. 

Step 3

Investment transfer by the applicant.

Step 4

Upon receipt of funds, the bank issues a confirmation letter for assets verification, allowing the applicant to proceed to phase II. 

Month 3-4

Visa Application

Step 5

Application for Tier 1 visa is prepared and filed with UK Border Agency in applicant’s country of residence. 

Step 6

Applicant and family members must submit to biometrics at the UK Border Agency where visa application was filed. 

Month 5-6

Visa Application

Step 7

Once application is approved, applicant and family present original passports for visa labels to be stamped.

Step 8

Upon landing in the UK, applicant must go to the bank to complete investment procedure.

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